RV Series Worm Gearboxes

RV Series Worm Gearboxes

EP-NMRV worm gearbox is a new type of reducer, which can also be called an RV worm gearbox. “NMRV” is a general term, which refers to aluminum case worm gearbox, which has been used to be called “NMRV worm gearbox” internationally. The main components include an oil seal, oil plug, worm gearbox, ball bearing, output shaft, worm gear, worm, output shaft, motor connecting plate (flange), output shaft cover, hexagon socket head screw, double round key, gasket, etc.

EP-NMRV series worm gear reducers have single flange input, and some have flange output or dual shaft output. The worm gear reducer could be matched with other gearboxes to reach a large ratio and torque. What’s more, due to the small size of the gearbox, it is easy to install and maintain. The NMRV worm gearboxes are manufactured with international technical requirements and possess a high technological content that guarantees high rigidity and high torque.

Additional information regarding the “NMRV” specification code: We understand that the “NMRV” code was used in our previous version as a model number but has since been registered as a trademark by Motovario company. We would like to clarify that the samples displayed during this presentation are solely intended for the purpose of allowing our existing customers to compare the model specifications and dimensions. We have already updated our model code to “EP-NMRV” and will be using this new code for any future sales. We acknowledge the importance of respecting trademark rights and avoiding any infringement. By transitioning to the new model code “EP-NMRV,” we are taking proactive measures to ensure compliance with trademark regulations and to avoid any confusion or misrepresentation. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know. We are committed to addressing any issues and maintaining a transparent and lawful business practice. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

RV Series Worm Gearbox Types


Worm Gearbox Aluminum Casting

Material of  Worm Gearbox

  1. Body, die-casting aluminum alloy
  2. Worm shaft, 20CRQ steel, high-temperature treatment
  3. Worm gear, nickel bronze alloy
  4. Aluminum alloy body, sandblasting, and surface anti-corrosion treatment
  5. Cast iron body, painted with B | URA5010

Instructions for Purchasing Worm Gearbox

To order the worm gear reducer, please confirm the following:

  1. Reducer model
  2. Reducer speed ratio
  3. Reducer input hole diameter Input power and input flange diameter
  4. Output hole size
  5. Whether other accessories are required

Accessories of Worm Gearbox

Output Shaft

Torque Arm
EP-NMRV-EP-NRV Worm Gearbox

EP-NMRV Worm Gearbox Model & Marker

Take EP-NMRV-063-30-VS-F1(FA)-AS-80B5-0.75kW-B3 as an example

EP-NMRV Worm geared motor EP-NRV Worm reduction unit
063 Center distance 30 Reduction ratio
VS Double input shaft F1(FA) Output flange
AS Single output shaft AB Double output shaft
PAM Fitted for motor coupling 80B5 Motor size & mounting position
0.75kW Power of electric motor B3 Mounting position

Worm Gearbox Mounting Position

EP-NMRV Worm Gearbox Parts Structure Drawing:

EP-NMRV Worm Gearbox Parts Structure Drawing

EP-NMRV/EP-NRV Series Worm Gearbox Features:

● The weight of the EP-NMRV worm gearbox is relatively light. The shell is made of aluminum alloy. It has the advantages of being lightweight, having superior strength, exquisite appearance, high heat dissipation performance, long service life, no noise, and so on. It is easy to connect with the motor.

● EP-NMRV worm gearbox is a more practical transmission equipment, and in appearance, design, and integration, it isis more in line with the needs of the public than other types of reducers.

●The application field and popularity of the RV worm gear reducer made of aluminum alloy are even better than other reducers. It is a kind of reducer with high practicability and a combination of advanced technology at home and abroad.

● EP-NMRV worm gear reducer is very convenient to connect with ordinary motor, CVT, flange electromagnetic clutch brake unit, and does not need coupling. Suitable for all-around installation, the output torque is relatively large, works smoothly, and so on.

EP-NMRV/EP-NRV Series Worm Gearbox Application:

The EP-NMRV/EP-NRV worm gearboxes are widely used in the automation industry, industrial robots, aerospace, CNC machine tools, metallurgical mining, beer and beverage, tobacco light industry, environmental engineering, warehousing logistics, plastics machinery, lifting transport, three-dimensional parking, automobile manufacturing, textiles, food, ceramics, and other fields.

EP-NMRV Aluminum Worm Gearbox Application Area

EP-NMRV Worm Gearbox Manufacturers

Our company is located in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province of China. We handle the products of power transmission, and our lines mainly cover series products in speed reducers, RV series worm gearboxes, WP series worm gearboxes, HB series helical gearboxes, S/R/K/F series helical gearboxes, X/B series cycloidal gearboxes, ZQ series cylindrical gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, associated electric motors, and other power transmission accessories. Based on their versatile functions, our products can be utilized in many fields: machines of wastewater treatment, dredgers, the chemical industry, cranes, metalworking mills, conveyors, the paper industry, the cement industry, cableways, and so on. With excellent quality and reasonable prices, our products enjoy a good reputation from customers and peers all over the world.

We are offering a wide range of worm reduction gearboxes to our customers, which are available with us at a very reasonable price. Our product is highly acknowledged in the market for its superior performance. The offered range of worm reduction gearboxes is in high demand due to its reliable performance, compact design, and low maintenance. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

EP-NMRV Worm Gearbox Manufacturers
EP-NMRV Worm Gearbox Manufacturers